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Much ado about nothing?

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

As NFL fans around the world hope for a resolution to the CBA discussions this week, most NFL players and coaches for the still maintain their offseason routine.

Coach Bill Belichick may be toiling away in the office at Gillette Stadium or at home. If he is taking the time to be traveling and fishing with Jimmy Johnson, I am sure football is on his mind as free agency has been postponed and when/if it returns before the upcoming draft is still out of his control.

So the CBA will have an impact what the Patriots and other teams may do or have to do without for the next month and a half. Free agents will not be signed to fill team needs and many teams may use the draft as the main way to bring in talent. What will Belichick do? He has to wait like the otehrs, but will he still tap into the free agent market when again available?

Meanwhile, Patriots owner Robert Kraft is busy between the CBA negotiations, his other businesses and now helping the Commonwealth of Massachusetts increasing business opportunities in Israel. Kraft-y as Robert is in negotiations, let’s hope Massachusetts elected officials will find ways to benefit from this trip with more business and job creation.

Tom Brady has been seen enjoying the carnivale in Rio sporting a European style football  look complete with haircut and jersey. A few NFL fans are in an uproar, but who cares? He has the life, the wife and everything else people are covet. So fans are jealous – let him enjoy his time – his way!

Other players from the team are doing their own various activities and to be honest the best way to find out is via twitter.

It is good to see how many players are involved in charity events and helping out with commmunity activities. Keep up the good work!

So while fans hope for a resolution in the CBA discussions, the coaches still need to prepare for the draft, most players can recover the 2010 season and spend time with family and friends while other players and team owners need to finish the job they was started two years ago. Get the deal done!


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